About Us

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Neube Lab was started by Dr. Felicia Jefferson in the year 2015, at Fort valley State University, Georgia. she started this lab in conjunction with a group of intellectual researchers, visionaries and bright young minds for comprehensive research in the field of biology to benefit Human kind. She is the Deputy Editor of International supply chain technology journal, which was started in collaboration with ISCEA and PWD group. She has done extensive research in the field of Biology and has over a dozen of publications.
Dr. Jefferson has significant experience mentoring women, underrepresented minority, and economically disadvantaged students both in urban and rural areas of the United States in neuroscience, biomedical science, and biotechnologies research. In her previous academic position, Dr. Jefferson served as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute faculty research mentor to undergraduate neuroscience, biology, environmental science, chemistry, and engineering research students. Her work with these undergraduate students resulted in three peer-reviewed publications with the research students listed as authors and participation of the students in multiple conferences where they presented their research to local, regional, and national audiences. Currently, Dr. Jefferson has 10 undergraduate biology, chemistry, psychology, and engineering research students in her Neuroscience and Bioengineering (NeuBE) Laboratories at FVSU and is co-advisor to four graduate research students. Fort Valley State University, a land-grant and public/state controlled university where Dr. Jefferson is a tenure-track assistant profile